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 Value for Money  2.0
 Rooms  3.0
 Cleanliness  3.0
 Location  3.0
 Security & Safety  1.0
 Service & Staff  1.0
 Food / Dining  2.0
 Total  2.3

"Be very careful!"

User Rating:  2.3
Reviewer:   Ksenia P. of Paris, France
Reviewed:   December 21, 2008  (see hostel reviews from Bedbreakfasttraveler.com)
Traveled:   December 2008     Type:   Youth/Student
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 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
It has to be said that Matisse B&B (Via Nazionale 243) is very conveniently located and is clean. But the quality of reception there is just horrible. My experience with the owner ("Roberto") was extremely unpleasant. I came to Rome in early December 2008 with my old college friend. Three weeks before our departure, my Italian husband, who did not come with us, made a reservation by phone, asking specifically for a quiet room. The owner assured him that he had one perfect for us : it is actually a room for three people, but it is the most quiet of all rooms, overlooking the little side street behind Via Nazionale. We called to confirm the reservation two days before the arrival, as it was agreed with the owner. He said that everything was fine, our room was ready and waiting for us. So we took off on our journey without much worry.
Upon arriving towards one o’clock in the morning, tired after the trip, I spent a long time ringing on the intercom. After ten minutes of waiting, I had to listen, like a school girl, to a lecture about late arrival hours (while, according to the information on Matisse on the internet, the reception was supposed to be open 24 hours!) But the real nightmare started the next morning when we were getting ready to go out sightseeing. "Roberto" arrives with a family of Italian clients and, quite rudely, orders ( !) us to vacate our room, claiming that we arrived without a reservation. We are very surprised by this development and say that we were just about to go out and don’t have time to move all our stuff right now. The conversation takes place in front of some Italians to whom Roberto apparently promised the same room. Roberto starts getting more and more aggressive, claiming that we have reserved nothing, screams in Italian and then in English that we are free to leave wherever we want, telling Italians that we are very « stupid » and calling my friend a «monkey ! » In short, he behaves in a hysterical and misogynist manner… After this incident we closed ourselves in our room, really afraid, trying to call the police or just someone from outside. Finally, my husband calls from France directly to Roberto to remind him of our reservation terms. Everything calms down, we can finally go out, but there’s no need to tell that the day was completely ruined for us by this « charming » owner of Matisse who, instead of admitting his error about the reservation, made us go through this scene, humiliating us in front of other clients. A really unpleasant and certainly not professional attitude.
Obviously, I would never recommend this hotel.

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