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 Value for Money  4.3
 Rooms  4.3
 Cleanliness  3.5
 Location  3.4
 Security & Safety  4.4
 Service & Staff  4.6
 Food / Dining  4.6
 Total  4.0

"Never again."

User Rating:  1.5
Reviewer:   Jason J. of Austin, Texas, United States
Reviewed:   August 15, 2009  (see hostel reviews from Instantworldbooking.com)
Traveled:   July 2009     Type:   Single
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 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
I am usually a positive person with nothing but good things to say but not about the places I have stayed. But not here, oh no, not here.
There is no hot water on the premises and she is cooking food and cleaning without hot water. The place is far from the beach and in the middle of a neighborhood. If her 5 dogs don’t keep you awake at night barking at the littlest noise then the woman across the street will beat her kids in the morning until they cry and you will wake you to unpleasant sounds. The hotel is far away from the beach and in a low lying area so the wind hardly blows making the place hot, humid and stagnant. The owner is a nice lady but did overcharge me for my stay by about a few dollars. There is better food and much better accommodations in Puerto than this place. If you want to enjoy Puerto then find a hotel near Zacatechas Beach NOT “The Point.” I had to take a taxi or walk 30 minutes just to get to the “fun.” My room was not made and still dirty after she “cleaned it” when I arrived even though I had reservations.
I would not recommend staying here for any reason.

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