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 Value for Money  3.7
 Rooms  3.4
 Cleanliness  3.7
 Location  3.1
 Security & Safety  3.6
 Service & Staff  3.6
 Food / Dining  3.3
 Total  3.5

"such wonderful staff"

User Rating:  5.0
Reviewer:   Hoang N. of hai phong, Viet Nam
Reviewed:   August 30, 2010  (see hostel reviews from Instantworldbooking.com)
Traveled:   August 2010     Type:   Couple
1 2 3 4 5
 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
We stayed here, for 3 nights, the rooms are perfect for the price you pay, very big with a/c, tv, good shower, huge balcony, fan etc. In a really great location, not on a really busy street, everything is walking distance.

The staff were incredibly nice! They helped organise tours for us to ha long bay and sapa, and let us keep our luggage there, while we were doing our tours, and provided us free food, shower and water, when we returned and we weren't even staying another night! They arranged free pick up from the train station at 4 am on our return from sapa.
I have nothing but good things to write about hanoi guesthouse, the staff made it such a lovely place, very interested to get to know you and not pushy on selling tours, suggested so many great things to do in the area. I was so surprised, they go above and beyond what you expect from any hotel employees.

i would definatly return and recommend others to stay here

"my stay in hanoi"

User Rating:  4.8
Reviewer:   Thomar G. of sydney, Australia
Reviewed:   April 7, 2008  (see hostel reviews from Instantworldbooking.com)
Traveled:   April 2008     Type:   Couple
1 2 3 4 5
 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
the APT-EZ holidayhotel is located on a good quite street with plenty of food stall near by . The beds were some of the best we encomtered in Vietnam. I would recomand this hotel to anyone looking for a budget hotel in this area.

"2 weeks in Vietnam Saigon to Hanoi"

User Rating:  3.5
Reviewer:   Peter W. of Melbourne, Australia
Reviewed:   March 19, 2008  (see hostel reviews from Hosteltraveler.com)
Traveled:   March 2008     Type:   Active/Adventure
1 2 3 4 5
 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
Saigon. Arrived at Saigon Airport, easy through
Customs etc, then Chaos,outside the arrivals area was
swarming with locals,taxi drivers and people wanting
to transport you to whereever. It was also very humid,
Ryan and I waved everyone away and sat down to collect
our thoughts. The prices quoted to drive us to our
pre-arranged accommodation ranged from A$7.00 to
A$30.00. The $7.00 was quoted by one of the currency
exchange people inside the airport so I went back
inside and arranged for a taxi; although the price had
gone up to $8.00. Very cheap really as it was a 30-40
minute ride. Our accommodation is very nice with our
own shower and toilet,very clean. We had a short nap
and then went for a walk around the area of the
accommodation. Tried a local beer and came back to our
room for a further nap. We ate dinner at an outdoor
market. Lots of variety from Frogs to chicken to beef
and lots of green vegetables. I had rice paper rolls
with prawns,then a chicken and vegetable dish washed
down with coconut juice. Very nice.Ryan had some beef
steak rice and a couple of beers. We walked around the
market after dinner and then came back to the local
bar/restaraunt/club. I had a light beer then left for
bed. Ryan stayed on with an American Guy he had met
then met a German guy who had a flask of Vodka he had
to finish as he was going home tomorrow. Ryan rolled
in a 1.00 a.m

Day 2 Vietnam.......Ryan woke with a hangover at 9.00
a.m. He had some breakfast and went back to bed. I
woke at 8.00 and had breakfast of bread roll with jam
and a cup of strong coffee whitened with sweetened
condensed milk.Breakfast was supplied by our
accommodation. I went for a walk,it is much quieter
around the streets in the morning. I came back at
11.00 a,m, Ryan was still sleeping. I lay on my bed
and fell asleep also. I woke at 12.30 as did Ryan so
we went for lunch at bar down the road. I had a sweet
and sour soup which was lovely. It was full of
vegetables and some food is very tasty and
is presented beautifully.Sitting in the bar and
watching the activity in the street seems to be a
pre-occupation with most of the locals. Many people
just sit,usually in plastic chairs nodding off eating
or reading something. So we did the same for an hour
or so. It is interesting,with sales people trying to
sell books and toys all the usual things.
Plenty of Cannabis for sale. You can buy
sparrows(birds) to set free which is a symbol of good
luck or happiness,I think.Most of the customer contact
people speak english however the people in the street
do not speak much english at all. It is much easier to
deal with than Japan was. In the afternoon I went to
Maison Chance which is the refuge for homeless
handicapped people. I went as a passenger on a
motorbike. It was a 40 minute trip each way. Big deal
you might say but boy was I nervous. You have to see
the traffic to appreciate why. The motor bikes are
like a swarm of locusts with car and buses
intermingled. You learn quickly how to cross
roads,just step off the kirb and walk directly across.
The traffic just avoids you but you still feel very
vulnerable like a wheat sheaf in that plague of
locusts. So getting on a bike amongst all this was a
big step for me. I must say once on the bike you feel
like you are part of the motion and I felt the rider
was in full control and I quickly gained my confidence
in his ability. I did enjoy the ride. I was made very
welcome at Maison Chance and was shown around the
accommodation buildings and the activity rooms. They
teach the handicapped computer work,how to use sewing
machines,art and craft activities and the have an
exercise room in which they do physiotheraphy. It is
very dilapidated and depressing. These people are
abandoned by society completely. No family no income
no Government support.I must say they were all very
happy when I was there and I guess they are very lucky
to be where they are. They are provided all that
training, 3 meals a day and accommodation. They are
keen to have me join them on a voluntary basis and we
talked about what my role would be. Much food for
thought on my part. While I was gone Ryan had
photograph of Fern his daughter ( my granddaughter)
reproduced in a painting. We will pick it up in the
work they do is amazing. He also purchased
a sculpture done with motorbike parts. We ate at the
market again at dinner time then came home to bed
around 10.00 p.m.

"APTEZ hotel as My family"

User Rating:  4.5
Reviewer:   Hoping K. of Bangkok, Thailand
Reviewed:   September 28, 2007  (see hostel reviews from Bedbreakfastreservations.com)
Traveled:   September 2007     Type:   Family
1 2 3 4 5
 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
I stayed here 3 nights and will stay again on my way back to hanoi - the prices are good and the rooms are clean and spacious and a good price. The staff are very friendly and happy to help wherever possible - they are great for tours and in particular private tours - we were not up for big tours and they were able to accomodate our needs. Certainly reccommend to other tourists

"my family in hanoi"

User Rating:  4.8
Reviewer:   Hkhenry H. of yangoon, Myanmar
Reviewed:   September 13, 2007  (see hostel reviews from Hosteltraveler.com)
Traveled:   September 2007     Type:   Family
1 2 3 4 5
 Value for Money
 Security & Safety
 Service & Staff
 Food / Dining
Comments  (English):
I stayed here two nights: big rooms, good service. Eveyone is so friendly; that's a real pleasure to stay. They managed everything at best: transfer and tours around Hue. The only pity of my stay in Hue: the bad weather...

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